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We have different types of cement, gypsum, aggregates and mortar dry, you can hear their properties, applications and recommendations.

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Quality has been an intrinsic feature of our products as a result of the different variables controlled during the production process, but ...

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Integrated Management System

The quality has been a feature intrinsic to our products result of the different variables controlled during productive, but the need ensure levels of quality our products and practices and working procedures are part of systematization of activities, 1998 he began to implement a Quality System based on Standard ISO 9000 has allowed us to improve the both work performance organizational, and thus be more competitive with each client increasingly demanding and growing markets aggressive.

Certification of System Quality with the ISO 9002:1994 Standard is achieved in August 2000 and had the proud to be the first cement factory in Bolivia with this certification, then 3 years of work plans quality objectives, in September 2003 reaffirm our commitment to quality and working to maintain the satisfaction of our customers, recertified to ISO 9001:2000 and IQNet ISO 9001:2000.

Product quality IBNORCA

Certification materializes IBNORCA Seal the granting IBNORCA that guarantees the quality of products and of companies.

IBNORCA Seal is an award quality, and is the result of a long-planned and coordinated work by the company.

IRPA Coboce IRPA was the hallmark of accordance IBNORCA in May of the year 2001, for compliance with all requirements specified for the four types of cement: IBNORCA I-30, IBNORCA I-40, IP-30 and IBNORCA IBNORCA IP-40, same as was granted by the Institute Bolivian Standardization and Quality (IBNORCA).

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