COBOCE - IRPA IRPA was born into COBOCE Ltda. with the contribution of 100 certificates valued at 200 Bolivian pesos each, equivalent to 1667 dollars in total.

later geological and feasibility studies were carried out through loans for pre-investment with the endorsement of the National Federation of cooperatives of savings and credit of Bolivia (FENACRE).

on 20 December of 1968 was signed the contract for the construction of the cement factory with the Italiana Impianti society funded the 97.5%

investment, total cost reached the 10.25 million $.

COBOCE - IRPA IRPA was inaugurated a September 15, 1972, with a capacity of 300 metric tons day is 100,000 TM year

company COBOCE-IRPA IRPA is governed by the General cooperatives Societies Act, promulgated on September 13, 1958.

COBOCE IRPA-IRPA began the expansion of the factory the year 1989 and concluded on 20 November 1993, work to a large percentage of technicians and workers Bolivian now offering 1000 metric tons day national market, i.e. 330,000 tons year.