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since its inception COBOCE IRPA-IRPA has worked on the basis of the cooperative, which is a social doctrine and at the same time a movement socio - economic, whose organization and working methods are geared to the benefit of the humanity.

these principles have been adopted in the statutes of the cooperative COBOCE Ltda. and are as follows:

principle No. 1. THE man, beginning and end of history

to "COBOCE IRPA IRPA" the person is creating more perfect and absolute: must be permanently honored, respected and loved. Everything that exists in nature and in the field of civilization must be at the service of its further development and freedom.

principle No. 2. NEW SOCIAL order

to ensure that the person is carried out in the context of all its potential, "COBOCE IRPA IRPA" works for the establishment of a new social order based on the reason, solidarity, justice, peace and freedom.

principle No. 3. Open

"COBOCE IRPA IRPA" membership is free and voluntary, conscious and responsible. It is open to all natural or legal persons who accept and/or practice its principles, values, rules and procedures.

principle No. 4. DEMOCRATIC management

the Organization and the development of "COBOCE IRPA IRPA" are democratic. All members are equal, have the same rights and obligations. The historical and social significance of partners, are given by their human condition. Each partner is entitled to one vote, any is the number of certificates of input that possesses.

principle No. 5. Education

to "COBOCE IRPA IRPA" education is to prepare man to release everything that restricts its existence and become protagonist of his fate.

principle No. 6. WORKING partner

work is engine essential for the full development of humankind. So its results not caused contradictions, it should be cooperative and supportive. Both the right and the incentives to work, on the basis of a promotional organization and harmonious, deliberative participation and conscious in all the work apply institutional.

principle No. 7. NATURE of the SOCIAL Fund

contribution certificates integrated into the Social background of "COBOCE IRPA IRPA" have nature community.

principle No. 8. AREAS of action cooperative

the historical, ideological, organizational and operational legitimacy of "COBOCE IRPA IRPA" allow you to address necessary programmes for the development of the country and the well-being of the people there where necessary and possible.

principle No. 9. MEANS of production

"COBOCE IRPA IRPA" efforts are aimed at promoting people's participation in the ownership of the means of production.

principle No. 10. Science and technology

progress in science and technology must be at the service of the incessant evolution of man in harmony with nature. "COBOCE IRPA IRPA" believes that science and technology are world heritage site and is committed to contributing to their knowledge and diffusion.

principle No. 11. Economic and SOCIAL profitability

how cooperative enterprise of a social nature, in all its activities will maintain a fair relationship between social and economic, through the efficient management of human, natural, technical resources

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