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to manufacture clinker cement from raw flour is necessary to submit it to a temperature of 1,450 ° C, thus reaching the required temperature for the reaction of all components. During the heating of crude oil, and particularly to the cooking temperature, already take place important physico-chemical processes.

the first part of the process (drying) and the second part (calcination), takes place in the arrangement of heaters pre towers Humbold and Fuller which consists of four stages of cyclones,

pre arrangement of heaters Humbold and towers Fuller which consists of four stages of cyclones, where the material is heated with hot combustion gas flow. Both towers meal enters the base of the calcinador is where 90% of the decarbonization, is then separated in a 5 cyclone where enters the oven at a temperature of 850-900 º C.

for both the calcinador and the furnace combustion natural gas, which is safe in handling and produces a clean combustion is used.

in the oven at 1450 ° C temperatures the reaction of clinckerización or sintenización where are compounds of the clinker, after the furnace material passes to the cooler grills, where injected air flowing through the bed of clinker cooling it and at the same time heatingthe air intakes for combustion in the furnace and the tertiary air for combustion in the calcinador.

all the fine dust from the towers is sucked and led towards sleeve filters, one for each tower used glass fibre sleeves, this dust is recovered and led to the raw flour silos, dust emission is regularly focused to detect damage in the sleeves while avoiding environmental pollution.

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