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Cemento IP-30



Mechanical resistance largely exceeding the demands required by the Bolivian norm.
volume stability.
regularity at the time of setting and finesse.
increase impermeability.
greater workability and plasticity in mortars and concretes.


? Embankments
? masonry
? drainage channels
? floors
? plaster
? sewage headset
? walls of bricks (enclosures)
? industrial gutters
? sewerage systems
? plants of liquids terms
? pools for treatment of water
? pools of chemical industries (especially for fermenter processes)
? concrete mass


? Water-the water must be clean and free of acids, alkalis and organic substances in decomposition, so is recommended the use of drinking water.
? aggregates-must be clean, free from organic impurities and particles of silt and clay, as well as inclusions salinas. Not recommended the use of boleado for concrete casts.
it is necessary to recall that: "A greater amount of water in the lower resistance of concrete mix".
the influencing factors of concrete resistance to compression that defined their quality, depend on several factors: age, relationship - cement, dosing, form of curing, water quality and cleanliness of the aggregates.
the compact or vibrating concrete gets increased impermeability, and consequently improves further resistance to the aggression of the environment to which it is exposed.  

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