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Cemento IP-40



Mechanical resistance largely exceeding the demands required by the Bolivian norm.

? volume stability.
? regularity at the time of setting and finesse.
? increased impermeability.
? greater workability and plasticity in mortars and concretes.


? Prestressed concrete.
? concretes armed greater resistance.
? precast in warm climates.
? mortars Predosificados.
? precast.
? structural works.
? concrete sprayed (shotcrete).
? simple and armed concrete.
? pavements.
? concrete compacted with a roller.


Cements with additions require one longer time to develop the final resistance by what are advised to leave the underpinned the formwork 10 days more than usual.
suitable for all types of concrete.
to ensure proper conservation packaging cement must stow under roof, separated from the floor and walls and protégé of humid air currents.
to prevent its excessive compaction should not stow in piles of more than 10 bags of height. Greater resistance to compression.


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