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As aggregates for the elaboration of concrete can be used sand and gravel, with natural or chancadas.

from the viewpoint of durability in aggressive media, should prefer the arid type (gravel and sand quarries rivers) siliceo.


is called gravel or dry bulk the fraction greater than 5 mm. And sand or dry thin to less than 5 mm. The resistance of the gravel is linked to its hardness, density, and module of elasticity.


the arid greater liability in contrast to the gravel, water, and even the cement is the sand, you can say that it is not possible to make a good concrete without sand quality. The best sands are the River.

particle aggregates

the distribution of the sizes of the grains that make up an arid, were of critical importance in the characteristics of the concrete

COBOCE IRPA-IRPA provides the following aggregates:

taxes 1 1/2 "

taxes 3/4 "


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