Dry mortars


Dry mortar is an industrial mix of controlled quality of sand, cementantes and additives. It is transported dry to the construction site and is applied after just add water.

dry mortar includes a wide range of products such as:

? mortar of masonry or brick.
? Revoques base cement and gypsum.
? against floor, mortar nirdaci├│n.
? cement glue, adhesive for tiles.
? mortar for joints (coloured).
? decorative plaster (coloured).
? antinivelantes floors, etc.



COBOCE - IRPA IRPA has the following products.

? mortar of masonry- is a dry mortar prefabricated burned bricks, concrete bricks, concrete blocks and stone. Its excellent properties of gluing and workability make it can be used on interior walls and external.

? plaster base cement- is a dry prefabricated plaster for manual application or machine, that can be applied in all kinds of mineral substrate for interiors and exteriors. Is a plaster specially formulated with excellent properties such as: ease of mixing, low tack tool, adhesion to the substrate, cohesion, workability, ease in level, waste at least in the application, not the appearance of fissures or cracks, changes of time and moisture resistance, chemical resistance, resistance to stress and adhesion and resistance to compression.

cement ? tail- is a mortar prefabricated for gluing of tiles ceramics, gresificada porcelámica and natural stones. Its excellent paste and workability properties allow its use in interior walls and outside in all types of substrates between its advantages have: creamy consistency, easy application, time to put the tiles, time to correct imperfections, prevents the collapse of the tile in wall, adhesion to the substrate after having applied.